Public Transport

Why do certain people not understand the concept of public transport?
There are aloof individuals that do not understand that public transport is a priviledge and it's for everyone.

I witnessed the following exchange on the train the other day, which sums the whole thing up quite succinctly:-
"Can you move your bag?" said one gentleman.
"Why?" responded the rude man.
"Because it's a seat, not a bag holder"
"There are other places that you can sit."
"If you don't want people sitting next to you, maybe public transport isn't for you."

I laughed out loud, I couldn't help it. People grinned, the rude man shot me a nasty look, I continued laughing. The gentleman was allowed to sit and everyone was happy and hopefully wiser for the experience.

Also, if you make noise, listen to music on your head phones loudly, smell bad or answer your phone and have a conversation, can you stop? All of these things bother the self indulgent people who believe public transport is a place of solitude where all of your worries should wash away and you should be able to retreat into your own personal space and meditate. Instead of a cheap mode of transport.

If you have that attitude, perhaps you should also consider if Public Transport is for you.

Resident Evil 4 - Wii Edition

I had been wanting to buy this game for so long. Ever since I got my Wii in fact.
I just wasn't sure because I already had the PS2 version.

After getting it and playing it, I can now tell you that I regret not getting it sooner.
The controls are absolute perfection. The game was already good but with these controls it's something else. I haven't stopped playing it, I'm on my fourth run through and I have the Hand Cannon and Chicago Typewriter.

I am loving it so much.

The game itself is one hell of an action ride. Even after playing the PS2 version, my first run through clocked in at around 18 hours. I have cut it down to 6 and that's skipping over and not collecting everything. Apparently it can be done quicker.

The game starts out quiet, almost survival horror, only not. Then after you get into the game a little, it's clear how revolutionary this title is for the series.

I'm not really sure how they came to be but these controls have to be the best game controls I have ever played with. Everything works, everything is smooth and intuitive.

The graphics are exactly the same as the Gamecube version and they work well. The Resident Evil feel is still there somehow in spite of the fact that there are no zombies. In the opening scene, the first thing that you kill, you examine it and your character tells you, it's not a zombie.

I love this game.

Capcom, can you please make more Resident Evil games for Wii?

The Story of Ricky on youtube

This movie is absolutely insane. I have made this post just to show what kind of madness can come out of Hong Kong studios. This is one of the most violent things I have ever seen.

None of the film makes any logical sense at all. The plot, the characters or the injuries.
The other reason it's so enjoyable is that it's dubbed. Please check it out.
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Required viewing.

He-Man is homophobic.

So, many thoughts have occurred to me recently about this strange character.

Feel free to use the above image as your desktop. It's pretty sweet.
I mean, look in the top right corner, He-Man performs the loudest clap in the universe, he's obviously a Master of the Universe.

Now, I know you have heard all of the theories about He-Man being a totally homo-erotic show. Well, I am going to put that theory to rest.

This animation should assist.
See the way Adam dresses?
He wears a pink shirt, this used to be the province of gay men, though this fashion has recently been hi-jacked by "The Metro-Sexual". That's right, he's a Metro for sure. He's wearing a skin tight, muscle revealing white shirt, with a pink top over that, he's so metro it's not funny. It's amazing to think this theory eluded me for so long.
Look at the way Adam's pecks ripple through at least 2 layers of fabric. Look at his guns. The man clearly spends too much time in the gym, if he didn't spend so much time in the gym, he might have time for a decent hair cut.
The theory doesn't end there either. If you watch the intro to the show, you will witness the transition from Adam to He-Man. What has changed?
I'll tell you what has changed. Adam has poured copious amounts of fake tan on himself and donned his bondage gear. He's even seen fit to give his hair the same treatment. Now, he's ready for action. You know he's ready because he's oiled up and glistening, just like HHH before a pay per view. He can't go out busting skulls without first looking his best.

Just for some trivia, I'll tell you that the original closing line of his transformation was not "I have the Power!!!", no, it was actually, "I used the Bronzer!!!", except the test audiences didn't like it, I don't know why.

Who does He-Man brutalize you might ask? Who are his enemies?
Well his rogues gallery mostly consists of gay men.
A top ten list can be found here and should serve as further compelling evidence, it includes some doozies. Disregard He-Man's entry into the list and you'll be fine.

So, all things considered, we have a metro-sexual who parades around beating up gay men. Even Teela, the damsel in distress is lesbian. She is totally helpless as well and that's how this show wants you to feel about all gays.

Completely homophobic. Bin it.

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I have been reading about a recent occurrence in the news.

Namely, Max Harcore being jailed for obsenity charges.

You may not know who Max Hardcore is. He is somewhat of an enigma to myself, even though I know what he's about and what his films do, I simply cannot say anymore than he made extreme niche porn and is a big name in that industry.

Now, knowing what this guy was all about is what stopped me from learning anything further about him because it's pretty disgusting to me, but since his conviction and sentencing, I have been thinking about possible repercussions of the ruling.

His films have content in them that is abhorrent to me. The problem I have is that, the parties involved with the production of these, consented (in documents) to what was done to them. And every performer's age is thoroughly checked to confirm they are at least the age of consent. Arguing that what was done in these films is humiliating to the participants is difficult. It's also impossible to absolutely prove if you know it's consensual. Most people would find those kinds of things humiliating or disgusting, but you can never say that that is true for everyone, otherwise there would not be a market for it. The products do portray humiliation and degradation, that is certain, but how can you know what part of it is real and what isn't. Obviously every action that occurs in the films is real but what about the performers feelings about what is happening? Only the performers themselves.

If the law can come along and say that something is illegal because it's humiliating, where can this go? Should the show "Punk'd" be banned?
I've seen plenty of people humiliated by Ashton Kutcher. Should he be jailed?
If the law can come along and say that simulated torture is illegal, should Eli Roth be sharing a cell with Max?
How many different things could soon disappear now that this precedent has been set? An entire niche of the porn industry will vanish. How many other things could be interpreted as humiliating? It's all a little bit strange if you give it thought.

I'm not unhappy that Max Hardcore has gone to jail. I just don't know if he deserved it. I also don't like the precedent this sets.